Speed dating game icebreaker

I have no idea where I picked them up, but they are not original to me.

In this icebreaker, students are prompted to either line up in some particular order (by birthday, for example) or gather in “blobs” based on something they have in common (similar shoes, for example).

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It’s essential to start building relationships with your students right from the start. I would scour the Internet for the very best activities and games and store links to them here for your reference.

The problem is that so many of the ones I’ve found are problematic for one of these reasons: So I have scrapped my plan to curate good icebreakers from the Internet.

Each of these will likely sound familiar to you, although the names may not be exactly what you’ve known them as.

I should add that I take no credit for inventing these games.

The possibilities for questions in this kind of configuration are endless; be sure to use more open-ended questions that can get students talking, rather than those that simply ask for a yes or no answer.

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