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This forum is devoted to the discussion of real life childhood spanking experiences.

You've seen Spank Art's delightful work scattered about various Drawings Galleries on this website. You are all to stay in this room until dinnertime, and then you will tell your father what you have done, and we will deal with it then. " With that said, Lisa grabbed the stained bedspread and left the room.

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No references to sexuality or adult spanking are tolerated.

The original forum was shut down in November of 2009 and replaced with the listed link.

But really I don’t understand that shit at all so I am going to get Todd to sleep with me and we are going to have unadulterated sloppy wet cum guzzling sex.

I want Todd to eat my fucking ass out yeah that’s right I want him to dig that pretty little tongue into my asshole and twirl it around until I See Stars.

[Note: The #overlap board and irc channel no longer exist.

This entire site is being re-done and will return soon as a story site.] this site was created to be a source of information on disciplinary techniques.An archive page is available from the Handprints webpage.A spanking discussion board focused on spanking fiction and roleplaying.**This site is no longer in use.** Devoted to the depiction of little girl characters in comics strips and cartoons, with particular reference to spanking scenes and imagery. Todd is a shy guy he likes to take his time I understand I guess.It also should serve as a place to meet people with similar interests.

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