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That little row of seats, and the stool had picked up a new name from the clever, witty, but very naughty girls of this Correctional Institute.

From this day on it was referred to as…’Death Row’.

To reveal her delightful, see through, black knickers. She christened her room of discipline and shame by self spanking her beautifully curved bottom. She recalled how she hoped that one day she would be delivering rattan to a bare bottom as the teacher was delivering it to hers.

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A room that now had two chairs outside, and a stack of six more inside, in case they were needed on a special occassion.

On the right hand side of the door was a small stool, the humiliation stool, which would have to be polished by every girl who stood on it.

You would see this photograph of Miss Kenworthy, the ‘Head of Discipline’.

Quite an innocent looking photo of an attractive young woman approaching her prime. There were a crowd of girls looking and chattering about the photo, when all together they stopped, as Miss Kenworthy clip clopped her way to them in her red high heels and black business suit.

Not a cane, but something altogether more sinister.

I was watching from the balcony which runs around the reception quadrangle, looking down.

Much of her time was spent alone, it was after all the summer holidays and the teaching staff were on holiday, she arranged the room to suit her needs.

All alone with the school quiet, she inspected her corporal punishment equipment The flexibility of the canes were perfect, and she began to have thoughts of making them wrap around the curves of naked girl’s buttocks.

They parted like the Red Sea as she walked to the notice board and unlocked it.

She took the photo (shown above) out, and replaced it with this one of her holding a black, harsh looking punishment stick.

A no nonsense expert in the art of corporal punishment.

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