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Last year, the BBC reported that a rising number of scammers, often based in West Africa, were pretending to be US soldiers in order to solicit money from women they met on dating sites.Some of these men used the names of real American soldiers, and would take photos from military websites to use as their profile pictures on the dating sites.

That usually also values online dating websites about being a settled ranking locate.

After carefully building an online relationship with the women, the "soldiers" ask for money to help them, for example, pay medical bills or fund setting up a telephone link near their military base.

Others even sent the women fake military documents to make themselves seem more authentic.

PC Lee Halford of West Mercia Police said: "We are keen to make women who use internet dating websites aware of these scams, so that they will exercise caution.

The parents’ attorney, Rogge Dunn, says Burks’ photo was taken days before he was killed in Iraq in November of 2007.

The photo was taken from, a non-profit Burks’ parents started shortly after his death.

TRUE has long been a supporter of our brave military (including working with the USO in the past and offering free accounts to active members of the military). Management of would never knowingly use a photo of a fallen soldier to promote our business and looks forward to getting the necessary details in order to take appropriate action. The ad has been blocked from appearing on in accordance with the DMCA Safe Harbor provisions.

Plenty Of Fish did no online advertising in the United States in December 2011. In our opinion, this case should not have been filed as the DMCA’s Safe Harbor provisions protects content providers from lawsuits such as this.

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They will use a number of different stories, including being a soldier abroad, to cover up why they cannot meet you and what the money is for.” Action Fraud advises all people using dating sites to refrain from trusting people too quickly, avoid giving personal email addresses, and to never send money to people not met in person.

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