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However, there are some loco-hauled trains hauled by the Class 33 and the 73 Electro Diesels.Even the Class 37s make an appearance on some freight duties.

On Summer Saturdays, freight trains were cancelled to provide paths for the numerous holiday expresses entering and leaving Green Park.

It was on these busy summer Saturdays that Bath became a "Mecca" for railway enthusiasts.

The one thing I have endeavoured to do is to show all servicesfor the year in question.

That brings me to the Basingstoke - Alton Light Railway, opened in 1901, closed in 1917, surprisingly reopened 1924, but finally closed to passengers 1932. The Branch line diverged just to the west of the Basingstoke West Box and in 1909 had 6 passenger services each way plus 3 goods services.

A busy schedule as always on the Southern, with plenty to keep you on your toes.

Passenger services, mainly in charge of the EMU Classes 411, 414 and 423.

In most cases, expresses heading southwards to Bournemouth over the steeply-graded S&D line required double heading.

Many classes of engines could be seen, hauling coaches packed with families from the cities of the Midlands and North distant parts of Britain heading for their holiday on the south coast.

These are representative of what was running at the time and are mostly from the Authors personal experience having driven Loco hauled trains in the area at the time and the period shortly after this Timetable, although the times have been altered to fit in with the 1987/8 timings.

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