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A quick philosophical digression: what are we even doing here?

My thought is: we’re trying to hash out a social norm.

Imagine what would happen if they were pretty determined, and sent it to your workplace, your church, your parents, et cetera. It’s bizarre that we treat Twitter as a private place, when literally everything that happens there is visible to every human being on Earth.

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They pore over your public statements – Twitter feed, Facebook timeline, any blogs you might have written, anything you’ve said in mixed company that you don’t know if somebody else wrote down waiting for the time they could use it against you.

Imagine the most incriminating dossier of your statements, out of context, that they could put together. It’s bizarre that so many people trust to security by obscurity, when anybody with an axe to grind can destroy their obscurity and reveal them to the world.

Then he posted it on an antipsychiatry website, asking if anyone could find the address of my workplace so he could send it there to prove that I was unfit to work with the mentally ill.

Luckily the moderator contacted me and deleted the post, and it stopped there.

I have a friend who grew up gay in a small town in Alabama, where “faggot” was the all-purpose insult and the local church preached hellfire as the proper punishment for homosexuality.

He unsurprisingly stayed in the closet throughout his childhood and ended up with various awful psychological problems.

But don’t let the fact that it’s bizarre make you think it isn’t important.

How many of us can say, honestly, that we could bear the Panopticon?

Maybe you committed a crime someone can find on a public crime database, or maybe you said something perfectly innocent which can be twisted into a sinister “dog whistle” out of context.

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