Sirius xm updating message

If anything was loose or unplugged, that may have been the issue. Check the amp/stereo Try connecting another music source (e.g., CD or MP3 player) to the amplification unit.

If you do not hear anything, make sure that the amplifier is on the correct auxiliary input setting and that the unit is actually getting power.

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Bank of America/Merrill Lynch analyst Jessica Reif just boosted her share price target on the satellite radio giant from $7 to $8.

She's encouraged by the healthy pace of new car sales in the country -- the lifeblood of Sirius, as new vehicles put it in front of potential new subscribers.

If the antenna is mounted outside, try re-aiming it.

If re-aligning the antenna does not work, try unplugging everything and let it sit for a few minutes, then plug it back in.

Have you already activated your radio, but now you only see the "Preview" channel? Make sure the Sirius XM antenna is in a southern-facing window.

Move the antenna around to see if the signal strength improves.

This means that the Sirius XM unit cannot detect the antenna.

Make sure the Sirius XM antenna cable is firmly and securely plugged into the cradle.

If that does not work, please call us to verify your account status.

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