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In other words, the benefits of education are only greater than the costs for workers with a high level of ability, so only workers with a high ability will get an education.

draws on the stereotype of quiche eaters being less masculine.

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The point of the game is to analyze the choice of breakfast by each kind of A.

This has become a standard example of a signaling game. Signaling games describe situations where one player has information the other player does not have. See Lewis attempts to develop a theory of convention and meaning using signaling games.

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In this game, an individual B is considering whether to duel with another individual A.

B knows that A is either a wimp or is surly but not which.The use of signaling games has been continued in the philosophical literature.Others have used evolutionary models of signaling games to describe the emergence of language.Before making the decision B has the opportunity to see whether A chooses to have beer or quiche for breakfast.Both players know that wimps prefer quiche while surlies prefer beer.The parents are trading off investment in the current nestlings against investment in future offspring.

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