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Singapore Love Links is a popular Singapore dating site that brings together thousands of single men and women living in Singapore and around the world in their search for love, dating and serious lasting relationships.

With its memberships rapidly growing daily, you will be spoilt for choice by the number of serious Singapore singles available on Singapore Love Links.

Whichever country they may be from, they bring along a different set of cultural values, perspectives, mannerism, perspective towards gender equality and even personality traits.

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Find a Singaporean non white guy who exhibits these characteristics and traits and they’d be treated just the same.

Ps: I was told by my Singaporean male friends that in order to find a boyfriend, I’ve got to appear less YOLO, less crazy, less everything.

They give you a fresh set of perspectives when they find some things Singaporeans do ridiculous.

For instance, why do we think it’s normal to pay a maid to take care of our children, while we prioritize work over family?

With an unmatched database of Singapore singles, it is no wonder it’s the preferred choice for thousands of Singapore singles living in Singapore, Asia and all over the world in their search for a perfect match.

We are committed to helping you find the perfect match, no matter where in the world you may be.I’ve also asked my Singaporean male friends if they’d date this girl (let’s call her Sarah) but said they would not, because they felt intimidated by her high flying banking career and ivy league education.Ask a white guy and they’d probably say “hell yes why not ?!Other reasons I can think of are: I feel that many of my Singaporean guy friends have an ideal type of Singaporean girl.Predictable, ready to settle down, perhaps bake a cake, visits cafes for brunches on weekends with friends, #ootd #weekendbrunch … They’re not open to seeing a woman as they are, without pursuing a woman as fitting of what they already had in mind.She’s looking for a Singaporean man only because of her conservative parents who would not accept any white guys.

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