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When the number of bytes equals the metadata interval, you will get a metadata block. (Max byte size = 255 so metadata max length = 4080.) Now read that many bytes and you will have a string containing the metadata. The metadata is normally sent at two particular places: immediately after connecting and when the song changes.The first part of the block is a length specifier, which is the next byte in the stream. It seems as if some servers aren't real diligent about the former, so it might take a while to get your first block.

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It would be great to do this in software and ditch the hardware box.

What happens now is that my automation sends out music events and when music isn't playing, it alternates different generic phrases.

The DNAS is also responsible for updating the SHOUTcast directory with now playing and other information relevant to the audio stream.

Hi Hans, could you imagine in one of the next versions to implement that the RDS Content is updateable from the Shoutcast / Icecast Streaming?

Also, be sure you don't count the bytes in the metadata length field or the metadata when you're figuring out whether you've hit the interval. So you can't be lazy and just keep a total byte count and mod it.

SHOUTcast DNAS stands for Distributed Network Audio Server.

My experience found that COM1 is what Radio DJ needsto operate on. 4)Once you have found that you have COM1 then close that out.5)If you don't have COM1 look for drivers for your sound card that will operate on WIN 7. Everything sounds great and overall I am happy..want it to display the song info.

If you have a sound card fromprevious WIN XP operation, make sure the card and drivers are adaptable with WIN 7. If someone can explain what I just did and make it more accurate please do! Please forgive as I am not really a computer old DJI presume you are using Radio DJ to stream the music with? topic=3945.0 to stream to your shoutcast server and the stream titles should automatically generate what you are playing. Proud user of Radio DJ since 2011https://uk/maria-db-radiodj/https://uk/help-cant-install-radiodj/https://uk/radiodj-php-request-script-basic/https:// my tutorials/scripts useful?

Specifically, how many MP3 data bytes there are between metadata blocks.

The header looks like this: You probably want to store that number. Read the data stream as you normally would, keeping a byte count as you go. Note that the metadata length is set to 0 most of the time, meaning there is no metadata.

7) If you find all is well for a driver update, then proceed with the driver update as instructed.

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