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Severing the spiritual from the physical, in my experience, does not lead to successful or happy pairing.When physicality is expressed without spirituality, it creates a false connection.

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College life today is focused on the growth of the individual.

It emphasizes the need to try new things, finding oneself in the external, while Judaism preaches searching internally.

Judaism demands that men and women experience uninhibited physical intimacy, where they are not ashamed because of their complete commitment to each other.

Ramban, Rabbi Nahmanides, explains that Genesis — “and they shall become one flesh” — refers to the need for complete nakedness; in this state two may become one.

I realized how unfulfilling these experiences were, lacking depth and caring, but it was frightening to pursue meaning in a culture that idolizes empty physical experience.

I no longer wanted the physical divorced from emotional connection or commitment; I wanted depth, respect and understanding.

Pleasure is commanded for the benefit of the relationship, imbuing touch with meaning.

Physical intimacy is experienced only half of the month according to laws of or ritual bath, restoring corporeal equilibrium and giving a sense of renewal.

Judaism imposes stringent boundaries on touch and sexuality in order to create a space for total vulnerability in marriage.

Though is a personal choice, with most people recognizing that we are all on our individual journeys in life, there are social pressures to uphold these norms that lead to discomfort in the community upon non-conformity.

In today’s culture, almost every film or novel has a romantic interest, with a happily ever after, hot-and-heavy or at least casual kisses.

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