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was first published as a weekly on September 27, 1865 and began publishing as a daily in December 1866.

In 1868 it began to use Associated Press dispatches.

After 1890 the company acquired its first Associated Press leased wire service.

Maples Victoia; Lasanton, Joe Al; Bocanegra Devora; Sustaita Rodney (Rondney); Sustaita James - Aleman, Dorina; (see assignment sheet for more names); Service in La Villita Church 09/26/1982 one Hundred Club "Winter Wonderland" D'Castro, Dana; Alvarado, Beatrice; Menger, Richard; La Chepele, Debbie; Kramer, Biehle, Vickki; Hosmer, Chris; Bates, Gloria; Torres, Doloros; Martinez, Jose 09/27/1982 All District Mariachi Band and International Champions, Jefferson High School.

10/06/1982 SW Craft Center's benefit Harvest Wine Festival. Marilyn Chrisman, Mylon Chrisman, Jane Mc Farlane, Mrs.

07/29/1982 Foleys back to School Fashion Show: Marriot North Hotel Ballroom, With Hannasela, Leigh 14yrs, Francis, Yvonne 13yrs, Moore, Kara 17yrs, Huggins, Harold 17yrs, Troxel, Kelli 16yrs, Beller, Valerie 17yrs, Ramirez, Roger 17yrs, Smith, Rod and Roberts, Elaine 08/05/1982 Houses: Classified, 2142 Lotus Blossom, 15318 Delachaise, 9539 Burwick, 10210 Charter Ridge, 8318 Shoal Creek, 304 Cliffside, 12119 Durress,2723 Red Tree, 502 Buff Trail, 5611 Timberhurst, 13715 Bluffmont and 12719 Path Finder 08/05/1982 Salvation Army Halfway House: Charm course for detention center girls, 519 Peacock, With Martinez, Anita, Gonzalez, Gloria, Maldenado, Linda, Garza, Irene, Bowers, Jenia, Harrison, Debbie, Iglehart, Sonya, Adams, Belinda, Fox, Toni, Adape, Carmen 08/16/1982 Miss Texas USA.

Houses (7227 Enchanted Flame, 3710 Pipers Cross, 13389 Crested Rise, 12507 Loma Grande, 122 Laramie, 135 Verdant, 606 Alametos, 5919 Wildwood, 3414 Riverway, 6147 Calderwood, 8630 Connemara, 12706 Silver Radiance, 143 Brees).

11/03/1982 Damaged Streets at Bus Stop (VIA bus stops).

Pictures of two women outside of home in front of refrigerator holding refrigerator door.

Riga, 201 Briarcliff, 7003 Forest Crest North, 408 Fenwick, 14811 Turkey Trail, 22918 Cielo Vista, 2015 Perrenial.

8603 Elk Runner, 116 Travertine, 411 North Valley, 129 Turkey Creek, 4203 Big Meadow, 9002 Tintagel, 1127 Mt.

old schnauzer named Schnapps as a stray dog, drove to Green Spring Valley subdivision and dumped dog in cul de sac and took off.

Pictures of her and child in room where she plans on caring for the children.

In 1922 the company became the owner and operator of radio station WOAI. Popular topics include civil-rights campaigns, political campaigns, and holiday celebrations.

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