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We then do a simple check to see if it is a required (mandatory) field and if it is we add the standard Share Poing “Required Validator” to our Validator Set.

Note – it is perfectly possible to register your client validator without providing a validation error callback.

Once the page is posted back the security token is validated.

If you do this then the validator will stop the form from being saved but the user won’t be told why (they’ll just get a frustrating form which won’t post back).

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Sometimes we need to validate the input provided by the users in Share Point list form fields.

This can be easily achieved using Jquery in Share Point.

So, how can we do manipulations and how we can avoid from above exception?

Don’t worry here also Share Point thought about very smart; the solution is “Allow Unsafe Update”.

one of the drop-down choices from Part 3 of this series).

We then need a final method which tells Share Point basically what to do when an error actually occurs.

That’s why they already added “Form Digest” control in all master pages in Share Point?

But, some situation we should do manipulations to the Share Point data even the data is not safe.

It's possible to check in a form from a Share Point designer workflow, so I wanted to check-in the form automatically when the item was saved, but ironically, a Share Point designer workflow won't run on an item that is already checked out.

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