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The problem is, you guys all have the same basic twist at the end where you reveal that, SURPRISE! This is done in about 20 lines, and is only mildly amusing because you don't draw your target in at all. horny_hottie: 48, but I've been told I look at least 53 Handsome Guy_uk: bye section 1 of my fuck around.

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He uses ridiculous and inventive imagery and/or he manages to string people along for pages. Handsome Guy_uk: nahh between ur legs ur treasure horny_hottie: how old is it? Danny0615: lil bush lol 38D_girl: nah, little bush=little d i c k Danny0615: no little dick lol Danny0615: why would u say i have a little dick 38D_girl: you need maximum coverage Danny0615: my dicks not small though 38D_girl: yeah sure Danny0615: its not huge but its not small 38D_girl: one or the other Danny0615: its about 7 38D_girl: 7 cm? 38D_girl: any man_in_High_Heels: and what are you doing to this man?

Honestly, you're just doing what a million guys before you have done. You know the drill Handsome Guy_uk: hi babe Handsome Guy_uk: pus y age? Danny0615: cam Danny0615: u have cma 38D_girl: no Danny0615: u wanna seee me on cam 38D_girl: no Danny0615: what does cm?? 38D_girl: oh, a big c o c k man_in_High_Heels: MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM man_in_High_Heels: walks to you and gives you a kiss. 38D_girl: kiss man_in_High_Heels: mmmmmmmmmmmmm melts. man_in_High_Heels: caressing your shoulders and back as i kiss you back.

In September 2015, Black Berry officially unveiled the Black Berry Priv, a slider phablet that utilizes the Android operating system with additional security and productivity-oriented features inspired by the Black Berry operating systems.

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38D_girl: rips off your head man_in_High_Heels: drinking your juices.

man_in_High_Heels: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm 38D_girl: beats you senseless 38D_girl: for being stupid man_in_High_Heels: ?????38D_girl: 16 38D_girl: what now man_in_High_Heels: nothing. Its A Wonderful Day zegt (): hi there cutey Its A Wonderful Day zegt (): yea, i do Its A Wonderful Day zegt (): lemme plug it in Rick zegt (): go on cam Je hebt Rick uitgenodigd om kijken met de webcam te starten. Its A Wonderful Day zegt (): God what is wrong with you HG- wtf! Me- GTFO vimal8405: hi cutelisa812: the game cutelisa812: you lost cutelisa812: GTFO vimal8405: wt r u saying cutelisa812: make me make this clearer: cutelisa812: GET THE FUCK OFF. Sexibabe69: yup 27M_keepsfit: what do you look like? Sexibabe69: yea 27M_keepsfit: i love cumming all over some nice breasts 27M_keepsfit: what size r u? Sexibabe69: no, i thought you were asking me the size of my dick Sexibabe69: can I ram you up the ass with it?38D_girl: yeh, you know it man_in_High_Heels: Good night. Je kunt op een reactie wachten of de actieve uitnodiging Annuleren (Alt Q). 27M_keepsfit: lol 27M_keepsfit: lol 27M_keepsfit: these places always full of fags 27M_keepsfit: bye then HAHAHHAHAHHAHHA I couldnt do a long one since I gotta go eat out but heres what I could make of...apparently he loves transexuals with 40 inch dicks Stylin LP: Hi there sexy hot thong 20_f_thongs: ood 20_f_thongs: cyber?On September 28, 2016, Blackberry announced it would cease designing its own phones in favour of licensing to partners.The Black Berry line traditionally uses a proprietary operating system developed by Black Berry Limited known as Black Berry OS.You meet all sort of people on this website, some of which remains your friends for years upon years, friends in which you can rely on.

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