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This tells her nothing about you or your interests, other than you’re too indolent to shop for real wall art.

Photos of your high school basketball team mean you’re still basking in your glory days from more than a decade ago. A flag of the country you studied abroad in is great convo fodder if she also studied in Barcelona.

In the end, his eldest daughter was granted the right to wear a veil to school by Switzerland's highest court on the grounds of religious freedom.

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Otherwise, she'll be pissed when you ditch Sunday brunch with her to watch football with your buddies... If you have the head of a deceased herbivore mounted to your bedroom wall, she will most certainly ask about it.

Hopefully she’s not with PETA, and hopefully you’ve had enough Maker's Mark to dull the pain of a gun-control debate. It doesn't matter if you met the girl that night and she went home with you in a tequila-soaked oblivion -- women think ahead.

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The 12- and 14-year-old will no longer be considered for naturalised citizenship because they have not complied with the school curriculum, authorities in Basel said.

The girls are understood to have refused to take part in school swimming lessons because boys were present and their religion forbade that form of interaction, according to USA Today.

Same with the bobby pins on your carpet, the single earring on your night table, or that extra toothbrush in your medicine cabinet. Of course she’ll beg you to play her a song, because a man with a guitar is the universal panty dropper...

but you probably already knew that, which is why your Martin is on display.

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