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The place is run by Mike Neamonitis and his son Gus.

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Doctors, veterinarians, lawyers and people working in the financial industry are all excluded from claiming pass-through tax deductions, whereas high earners working in professions such as architecture are not.

Fair or not, the new rules surrounding pass-throughs prevent veterinarians from claiming a 20 percent deduction on their business income, unless their income is less than $157,000 per year.

This limit of $25 million represents an increase compared to the previous threshold.

Veterinarians can now deduct new and used equipment as expenses for five years.

I spoke with Gus a few weeks ago over a steaming cup of black coffee and a plain glazed, which I have to say is one of the best in all of Brooklyn.

It was soft, only a smidge chewy and covered in just the right amount of glaze – like a slightly less sweet Dunkin, making it WAY less sweet than a Krispy Kreme.

The aim of the new pass-through provisions is to prevent high earners from converting their salaries to income that is eligible for the deduction.

However, critics have complained that the rules surrounding pass-through tax deductions are unclear.

Blognut’s back in Brooklyn celebrating our centesimal post with a visit to Mike’s Donuts in Bay Ridge.

Mike’s has been stuffing Brooklynites full of monstrous bursting-at-the-seems homemade donuts for over 30 years.

Come on Gus, you just gave me a cup of coffee and well over a dozen fresh Donuts, let me pay you something.

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