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Having a forensic examination performed within 72 hours helps preserve potential evidence.In addition, medical professionals can evaluate your risk of sexually transmitted diseases and/or pregnancy.

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Personal care is important for anyone who has experienced sexual violence. It may be difficult to engage in daily activities, including attendance at class, eating, sleeping, general hygiene and other daily activities of living.

There are resources available so you don’t have to find your path toward healing on your own.

For more info, call STAR Central Office of the Pat Walker Health Center at 479-575-7252.

For more resources, please visit the Title IX website.

In the state of Arkansas, you have up to 72 hours after the assault for forensic evidence collection.

If you have changed clothes, place the clothes you were wearing during the assault - including underwear - in a paper (not plastic) bag.

Consent can be given by words or actions, as long as those words or actions consist of an affirmative, unambigious, conscious decision by each participant to engage in a mutually agreed-upon sexual activity.

Consent cannot be given when a person is incapacitated.

Preservation of potential evidence does not mean that you have to pursue criminal charges, but it keeps that option open for you.

Many assaults do not result in serious physical injury.

You can seek medical care at any time following an assault, but please be advised that in the state of Arkansas, forensic evidence exam and collection (a.k.a.

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