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“It’s just random, like, you’ll think everything’s all normal and then you’ll feel something on your backside,” she says.

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*In addition to open positions, the City of Bethel advertises high-demand positions on a continuing basis.

Openings may not currently exist, but applications received for these positions will be entered into an applicant pool maintained by the City. To remain in the pool for consideration should an opening arise, applicants should re-apply for these positions every six months.

In fact, Jane says, she’s been grabbed, chased, followed, and molested so much in her short life that she’s now made it a habit to lock the bedroom door at night and shove a chair under the knob so no one can come in; she’ll wait up, trembling, until everyone at a party is passed out cold before she can comfortably fall asleep.

She’s learned to avoid being alone with friends’ dads, or with grandpas at village potlatches, or with boys at basketball games, who’ve repeatedly groped her breasts and buttocks.

One of Jane’s great aunts was molested and raped by an uncle for years; dozens of years later, the aunt’s grown daughter told her that the same uncle had molested her, too.

Sometimes people pressed charges; most of the time, though, nothing happened.ANDVSA has 23 member and affiliate Domestic Violence and/or Sexual Assault Programs.For services, call the program closest to your location. Click here to search by program or here for a map of programs and communities.”Last fall, the group was asked to give a presentation at a statewide conference held by the First Alaskans Institute in Fairbanks.Instead of explaining how they’d come up with their anti-suicide pledge, the kids decided to share the reasons they’d needed one in the first place.Jane spoke about her own abuse and described in detail what has been horrifyingly typical for the people around her: A local woman who was gang raped until she could “barely walk.” A young boy who was sexually assaulted by an older man and later killed himself.

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