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Poor heads, weak toplines, cow hocks, shy, light bone, poor movement.

Great Dane – fawn and brindle Favorite: Ch Halemoss Rojon Dounreay 2. Upright shoulders, long backs, temperament, short stilted movement Back 1.

Eddie Lyons, Dottie Davis, Jeffrey Lynn Brucker, Jean Dinkins, Lina Basquette, Estelle Cohen 4.

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Lack of width – rib spring and narrow between the front legs. Different failures depending on geographical areas.

Straight fronts and over angulated or straight rears. Light bone, weak heads, poor fronts & rears, high tail carriage; not the Apollo Back 1.

A square build with balanced quarters and a sound running gear.

Gender (males and bitches) should be evident Back 1.

Good head with good size, good proportions; a dog to be masculine and a bitch to look like a bitch. Bad movement, bitchy dogs, some shyness which is never acceptable; feet could be better.

Type, with utmost importance given to size, substance and head. Rectangular head, finely chiseled, parallel planes. Gait showing strength and power, with easy strides. Other breeds: Greater Swiss Mountain Dog, Chihuahuas, Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen, Standard Poodles, Pekingese 2. Bill Aston, Jeffrey Lynn Brucker, Ray Cataldi, Mary Anne Zanetos, Eddie Lyons, Augusta Buse 4. Great Dane – harlequin Favorite: Ch Giant Steps Front Page News. Long, rectangular head; square outline with proper proportions. Straight shoulders, short upper arms; restricted side gait, rolling hocks; improper balance; lacking good breed head type.

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