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The food could have tasted like absolute cardboard, and we still would have enjoyed our experience.#Be Like Angie #Choose Joy Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people sitting, people eating and food Love Comment Share 1KYou, Lanie Menard Mc Clain, Stacy Wilber and 1K others 211 Shares 94 Comments Comments View previous comments Melissa Ellison Melissa Ellison Melissa and 1,057 others joined Southeast Texas Restaurant Reviews within the last two weeks. Angie is an awesome person 1 Manage Like · Reply · 23h Gerri Bagesse Gerri Bagesse She is the best of the best, I have known her for years and she is the same today as she was way back when.

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Manage Like · Reply · 23h Laysha Wilson Laysha Wilson She is such a genuine beautiful soul! Manage Like · Reply · 22h Ethan Church Ethan Church She really is the best Manage Like · Reply · 22h Jinnie Boatman Jinnie Boatman May God bless her Manage Like · Reply · 21h Holly Millner Bush Holly Millner Bush I often think how awesome it would be to see what people say upon my death, because we all know that people bring up our best only after we’re dead and gone….

#welovemsangie 3 Manage Like · Reply · 22h Machelle Cunningham Machelle Cunningham Ms. 1 Manage Like · Reply · 22h Machelle Cunningham Machelle Cunningham Miranda Neal….. Manage Like · Reply · 22h Shona Rush Shona Rush Yes! I feel we should all get to hear the wonderful things people say about us while we’re living…See More 13 Manage Like · Reply · 21h April Mc Gee April Mc Gee We love Mrs Angie!!

Although the company is privately owned and does not disclose financial information, the company says that 2% of all eggs used in the food service industry are sold to Waffle House.

In 2012, CEO Joe Rogers, Jr, is accused of an inappropriate sexual relationship with his housekeeper. Today, Waffle House operates over 2100 restaurants in 25 US states.

4 Manage Like · Reply · 20h Rita Jean Rita Jean Angie is awesome.

2 Manage Like · Reply · 20h Stacy Sonnier Stacy Sonnier We LOVE Angie 💕 3 Manage Like · Reply · 20h Clarise Broussard Clarise Broussard She’s seriously an angel on earth.

The company claims to be the world’s largest seller of several of its menu item, including the namesake waffles, ham, pork chops, grits, and T-bone steaks.

Almost every Waffle House has a jukebox and, starting back in 2008, began offering candlelit dinners for Valentine’s Day.

Manage Like · Reply · 21h Melissa Burke Haley Melissa Burke Haley Ms Angie is the best.

❤️ Manage Like · Reply · 21h Haley Duhon Haley Duhon She’s AMAZING 1 Manage Like · Reply · 21h Lauren Bell Lauren Bell She is a wonderful person 1 Manage Like · Reply · 21h Tom Kinder Tom Kinder Angie has always been great , she was amazing with my granddaughter 21 years ago , I have never herd her say a negative word in over 20 years of knowing her and she always makes your day just a little better !

He used sugar free syrup and never had to ask for it–she knew.

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