Sex chatting kerala girl

Yes, again in not much detail (I was the reluctant one) but again enough to get a mental picture.

Neha would tell me all that she and Arun had tried and how open minded and kinky Arun would get at times.

It was a very erotic, and my first exposure to an X-rated movie.

Sex chatting kerala girl

Neha started to gently touch my thigh and I started rubbing her back.

Neha and I were close enough that we didn't mind this at all.

There were red marks on our bodies were we had given each other love bites.

My breasts and nipples were sore form Raj's onslaught and my pussy was continuously throbbing.

He has opened a new door for her and Neha being outgoing had easily acclimated herself to it.

We didn't go into too much detail, but there was enough teasing and chiding form both of us to make me really look forward to my wedding night. Sensing my nervousness, he didn't force or pressure me into sex, which made me feel very happy.

Even today, the thought of that night, makes me tingle all over.

The next day, when Neha and I talked, I found that she too had had an amazing night with Arun – one of the best.

As fate would have it, we also got engaged around the same time.

I was engaged to Raj around the same time Arun came into Neha's life.

This got me curious and I often prompted her on what she meant by kinky, and Neha confided that she and her husband often watched softcore and hardcore porn movies together, he would blindfold her and at times tie her up during sex. One day, while our husband were in town, Neha and I were having coffee at her place and she playfully suggested if I anted to watch one of the porn DVDs.

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