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It was about five hundred acres of forest and meadows in the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains in upstate New York.

A day after that happened i started wondering about blowjobs with a dog, after my boyfriend left for work as usual i went on the computer and started looking through stuff again trying to figure out the way i wanted to blow him, as i was scared he’d do my mouth just like a pussy and i would suffocate.

But i found a post “blowjobs with a dog” on Animal Sex Fun saying you could wrap your hand around it too to control the deepness and the knot slipping in, i was very pleased by this discovery, because it meant i could still do it, but i could be in control getting rid of my fear of being suffocated almost immediately.

My dog came over to me as soon as i got excited, and started licking my pussy through my panties, i guess he just sensed my arousal, and decided to pleasure me, to which i happily obliged and removed my panties on the spot, letting him unrestricted access to both my holes with his delicious tongue.

It was making me wet just thinking about what was to come!

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for took some time for them to settle in.

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He seemed to like my ass a bit more than my pussy though, i guess he just got hooked on the taste yesterday , and decided i was going to be his little anal bitch, which i was very glad about, i thoroughly enjoyed yesterday and was looking forward to many ass fucks from my dog.

Being a bit cautious today i decided to put on some music to cover up my moans, and i am into metal/rock so i put on Tenacious D.

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