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“I just got fucked in my ass like some street whore” or what?

I looked around and saw that good looking fag-couple they pretended they didn’t know me. He passed me by a few times and gave me those dirty looks.

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And if I found one I wouldn’t know where to stick it! “I would never think this kinda shit could happen to us…” I thought to myself and fell asleep right there on the ottoman.

In like a minute he turned her around, put her legs on his shoulders and started fucking her.

Funny, my head didn’t hurt although I drank a lot last night. Everything was the same: everyone naked, same spot by the cliff and all that, except for the feeling I had.

If not the pain in my ass, literally, I would be feeling great. I knew it was just in my head but it seemed like everyone knew that last night I got butt-fucked. And instinctively I started moving my ass towards him.

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It’s also funny that guys look at each others’ dick comparing the size with their own.

About half of the penises are circumcised which I find much more attractive than the awful unnecessary skin.

They show off their pretty bikini-design, the piercing and the tattoos. It’s obvious because of so many sexy people around and the extremely exciting atmosphere. There was this young guy sobbing and getting fucked right in the middle of the circle of a few men. Nobody gave a shit upon my arrival and I was standing there like bewitched. That someone who was standing behind me started touching my nipples.

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