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you get people pestering for your address and you're not allowed to hang up just dissaude them... But then I couldn't think of anything much to say and my calls lasted about 7 minutes each... Is anyone else who was interested in the chatline thing working yet? God....getting up at 2am to talk dirty to wierdos when you already have to get up for a baby.I'd rather eat sawdust and drink the water from the toilet. Am sure you would get good money for that and you could do it while the baby sleeps and you watch TV! I would also rather eat sawdust and drink loo water! I don't think I could and if I did I'd probably end up pmsl down the phone! It would only work if you knew a big group of people you could rely on for orders like a playgroup/nursery, family/friends and neighbours. I think the damage to your person in the long run doesn't justify the money you are getting at the moment.I'm not sure if I admire you or think you're mad! FA Is the money good or shall I re-phrase that and say is it worth the money? Cleaning isn't too bad and the hours can be quite good if you have kids. You also have to make loads of trips out to re circulate the catalogues, then go back again to pick up their orders and then back again to deliver their stuff. If you reallly hate the job try to find other alternatives, I'm sure none will pay as much per hour as this one but..will be feeling better and that's worth every penny. don't know how you'get' that kind of 'job' though lol...

The Executive Assistant role is an exciting opportunity to work with a range external and internal stakeholders, develop strategy and support governance activities across the charity.

We are looking for an organised individual who is passionate about making a difference through effective planning and management of business at LGBT Foundation.

I imagine it is much easier said than done but then you wouldn't have to rack your brain. It's a very interesting read - okay, she doesn't work on a chatline, but her description of how she got into it, and the experience of her first few clients is similar to yours in many respects (tbh it makes hilarious reading).

She regards what she does as performing a public service Put some ads in the local newsagent and charge accordingly for ironing. They can drop it off to you and pick it up later in the day. There was an ad in our local paper for a cleaner this week - £7.50 an hour (only 2 hours a week though).

Salary: £26,326 Hours: 37 hours Special Terms: Permanent Accountable to: Chief Executive Please contact us for an informal chat about this post.

We understand that working for an LGBT organisation could impact on your identity, community and/or culture.

hopefully my confidence will kick in for tonights graveyard shift.... and worse things that I shan't go into at this hour (one man wnated to wear women's clothes and be paraded round town)..

You get callers who want to do awful things and you have to hang up, you get really rude people saying you're sh*te who hang up in the middle of your conversation... I'm doing it cos we're sknit, but I'm expressing full time and a full time mum and if anyone can think of a different job that earns £9 an hour that I could actually do then let me know!! got to go to IL's now, just wanted to tell the someone who said it was easy money that it isn't!!

The initial and primary focus of the role will be to significantly increase income from corporate supporters, however we have potential to grow other areas of unrestricted income and the post will lead on exploration and development of this.

This role is suited to a self-starting, motivated, and target driven individual who is a great communicator and influencer.

You need to sign up with a provider and be prepared to log on for upwards of 10-20 hours per week.

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