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Such high-performance concrete had been used mostly in repair applications and for casting concrete in restricted areas.The first generation of SCC was therefore characterized and specified for specialized applications.

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Self consolidating concrete properties

As a result, pouring SCC is also much less labor-intensive compared to standard concrete mixes.

Once poured, SCC is usually similar to standard concrete in terms of its setting and curing time (gaining strength), and strength.

The density of concrete is a measure of its unit weight.

Concrete is a mixture of cement, fine and coarse aggregates, water, and sometimes some supplementary materials like fly ash, slag, and various admixtures.

It has been demonstrated that a total fine aggregate content ("fines", usually sand) of about 50% of total aggregate is appropriate in an SCC mix.

This paper presents the development of a rheological model for self-consolidating concrete (SCC).

SCC can be used for casting heavily reinforced sections, places where there can be no access to vibrators for compaction and in complex shapes of formwork which may otherwise be impossible to cast, giving a far superior surface than conventional concrete.

The relatively high cost of material used in such concrete continues to hinder its widespread use in various segments of the construction industry, including commercial construction, however the productivity economics take over in achieving favorable performance benefits and works out to be economical in pre-cast industry.

The results showed that the paste rheology model is useful in designing SCC mixtures and reducing the extent of laboratory work, testing time, and materials used.

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