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Once the agent is available on the network and the client is installed, the client goes through the following actions as part of the reporting process: So only if this process is completed and it continues to happen will the client remain reporting to the server.

This is why I said earlier that client management is a continuous task.

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There can be a variety of reasons why this process might fail, and I’ve outlined a couple of them below: The Boundaries of the Agent are not specified in the site server If the client is not assigned in the console or the client is unable to discover the site code, make sure that the AD site or the IP subnet is added in the boundary list.

The server will only allow those clients within its boundary to download the polices, so if you have not specified the boundaries the client will not be authorized and the policies will not get downloaded.

For more information you can check Post-installation phase in the link: The client itself is not installed in the Agent You can take a look at this article which will give you a detailed explanation of how you can make sure that the client is installed and reporting successfully. Make sure that the client is able to communicate to the SMS\SCCM server using the FQDN as well as the Net BIOS name. If you can’t ping the server using the FQDN then you will have problems.

The client is behind a firewall If clients are behind a firewall, it may be restricting it from contacting the SMS site server. You can check to understand the port requirements.

There are systems in the collection that have multiple GUIDs.

If you suspect your clients may have multiple GUIDs refer to information on how to resolve the issue.

Systems NOT on the network: If the system is not actually on the network, check if it is shutdown, and if so if it’s been shutdown for long time.

If yes then first restart the system and then initiate the discovery cycle from the control panel agent properties action TAB.

Once this is done you can either make use of the maintenance task or you can create a collection for the NON SMS CLIENTS and then do a delete special to the collection so that the entries will be removed permanently from the SMS\SCCM database.

Then a discovery can be run which will bring back only the active systems in the collection.

We occasionally see these issues here in support, typically either as cases for clients not reporting after the client installation, or maybe where it’s noticed that the client count is decreasing from the collection.

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