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Reborn as Meyer Turku, the shipyard is investing in new technology and hiring more and more “metal heads” to build the world’s finest cruise ships.

Jouko Turto, Director of Turku Municipal Property Corporation, says that the Turku shipyard is a fine example of the local industrial prowess – but it is not the only success story around here.

Located along the Helsinki-Tampere corridor, Hämeenlinna has often been overlooked as a potent hot spot for growth.

However, Hämeenlinna is a vibrant community at the junction of a nationally important rail, road and waterway network – and with plenty of small-town appeal.

Focusing on specific building systems for specific needs, this method, however, often results in a fragmented approach and rather fixed business structures within the industry.

Digital disruption is already hard at work in integrating the various solutions to increase value for users and building owners.

Once again, there is an air of anticipation in Tapiola, the iconic “Garden City” of Espoo.

Tapiola, of course, is near and dear to the hearts of all Finns and widely regarded as a natural treasure; upon its birth over 60 years ago, Tapiola was a shining example of a modern community rooted in natural values.

There’s something really interesting cooking in Southwest Finland.

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