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We knew that running a speed dating dance class would work just perfectly, and it does!Date & Dance classes are fun and relaxed; as soon as the class starts you feel at ease and enjoy the moment without worrying too much about your date, so you can show the best of you, your true self. To have the opportunity to learn how to dance and to meet the love of your life at the same time, that’s way too good!

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Endorphins do happen and you do have innocent social fun.

Any “approach” you take needs to be the same type of approach you’d take when taking classes along with women about anything else that involves physical activity (gym, bowling, etc), which involves chatting, a long or short while of being friends, and maybe one day - outside of the salsa context - proposing a date.

Upon arrival, you will be greeted by our receptionist with a welcome drink.

As you enter our studio, you’ll see lots of new faces.

If so,then check out this easy to follow dance video which will guide you step by step through how to dance salsa.

So learn the moves and show off your mad skills the next time you hit a salsa dance club.) and will have lots, lots of trouble finding dance partners, let alone an actual romantic partner, due to this behavior and perceived attitude. Then you’ll one day get a girlfriend, salsa or no salsa.Because the rest of us went there to learn and it’s seriously distracting us from our goal. But to have a primary goal of getting a girlfriend is a predatory behavior.People (women and men) who go to salsa classes are in learning mode.We’ll give you 15 min to mingle with other participants before we start the class.

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