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Little Hermione becomes his salvation and his reason for living. It worked; no one from Hogwarts came for her when she turned 11.

[Previous summary : What if Severus had made a different choice after Lily's rejection in fifth year? AUChuck, after being reunited with Amara, decides to give the Winchester's a break, along with a few others he finds redeemable, and sends them to Hogwarts.

] (this is an AU, events before and after may differ from the books). He wanted a martyr that didn't care for his own life. September 19, 1997 the Gringotts Goblin's presented Lucius with a key. Burning Bright, Dying Embers A story on how I feel Harry would join the Vongola Famiglia. He soon realizes, however, that the Winchester's aren't fully prepared for what is to come, and so he created the first angels in eons.

Will he be able to get over his pureblood upbringing to accept the first good thing to happen to him since the end of the war?

The war against Voldemort spilled over into the muggle world; SHIELD got involved.

: (if your character ISN'T a demon then ignore and DELETE this line from profile)Gender: Class Ranking: (don’t know what I mean?

Please go to this webpage: )Personality: has to be detailed Physical Appearance: Fighting Skills/Attack names: (give a small description of what they do exactly)Weapon(s) of Choice: Short History: Dragon Ball Pact:"This pact is meant to hold together the remaining fans of Dragon Ball/Z.

Not 24 hours later, he's considering it as an option. And oh, how easy it is to get attached to someone, even if they never appear to speak. If you care.)2nd Tale of The Fairy and the Prince: Hermione was in the veil for ten months of her life.

Yet it felt like a lifetime for Sirius from the moment when his Fairy Princess tumbled into his bedroom when he was five.

Poll: In 'A Shinobi, a Mother, and then a Witch' who should Kai be paired up with in the future?

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