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Showing promise of becoming a great spiritual adept and brilliant teacher of self-inquiry and Self-realization (with a strong emphasis on grounding this realization in heartfelt relationship and “enlightenment of the whole body”), very quickly, within less than two years of public work, all evidence indicates that Franklin Jones / Da Free John fell deeply and dangerously into monstrous ego-inflation, abusively toxic relationships towards his disciples and wife/wives, and heavy addictions to personal power, sexual debauchery, drugs, and extravagant material possessions.

We have here the sad story of a gifted and highly educated young man endeavoring for spiritual mastery who became, instead, an unknowing egocentric slave to aspects of a very needy, sick, “shadow” part of the psyche.

There is much that bothered me about Adi Da and his terminally enthused cult, but at the same time I am grateful for what I got from him, however long ago that was.

I came across his autobiography, The Knee of Listening, in 1974, and was struck by it.

His third book, Garbage and the Goddess, really got my attention. Much of the book chronicled his interactions with his community, featuring obviously spontaneous talks by him that I found not just invigorating, but dynamically alerting.

There was a sense of powerfully embodied wisdom, however roughly articulated, mixed with a not-so-subtle arrogance and a wildness with which I resonated.

At that point, he was going by his birth name, Franklin Jones, looking very young and soft, which only made his eyes stand out more. Clear, balanced, full of energy and presence, unusually steady.

I was, however, not drawn enough to go seek him out, but he had definitely entered my psyche, and more.) for a sexuality rooted in and permeated by Divine Love, thereby cutting a middle path between indulgence and suppression of sexual drives.Much of Da's language and schemas have greatly influenced pundit Ken Wilber, as Wilber himself has acknowledged.To put it another way, while all phenomena are ultimately (seen from Eternity) the "perfectly" manifesting, unfolding play of the Formless Divine (wherein all souls will eventually awaken to God), there are, meanwhile, matters of right and wrong, justice and injustice.The evidence is clear that through the years there was some VERY problematic behavior on Da's part, and this merits critique as a "public service" for those who have little training to discern functional from dysfunctional forms of leadership. 3, 1939, Jamaica, New York) is a comic-tragic one, starting off rather promisingly but later degenerating into abuse of himself and of others.But the self-appointed guru is more concerned with himself than with his disciples." --Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj (1897-1981), I Am That, Dialogue 83, Dec.

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