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A straw is a caricature of a person, a character the author has set up in order to ridicule a particular viewpoint. Why bother addressing the real issues of, for example, gun control, when you can instead portray all firearms advocates as bearded, racist, hillbilly lunatics ranting about black helicopters and wanting to own their own nuclear warheads?And so it goes with other examples; capitalists literally worship the bottom line and would sell their own kids if they could; liberals are all secret Communists aiming to destroy morality and personal choice; conservatives are constantly-outraged intolerant bigots who want nothing more than to see oppressed minorities suffer; scientists look down their nose on the religious, then shake their fist at God while plotting to surpass Him; the religious are wide-eyed, superstitious madmen; feminists want to kill all men; and so on.” 😂😂 Hope you’re all having a brilliant Independence Day!!

For those of you who have joined the Fan Club but haven’t received your membership pack from me with your password details, just drop me a message to [email protected] I’ll email your details back to you. 😉Ok, now I’m back to work getting things ready for heading back on tour with Neil next week! All the details are here : Byrne and Kelly Tour Details As always, thanks so much for all your support.

For those who wish to join the club, all the details can be found right here : Fan Club Membership Details To mark the first day of the new fan club section, I'm excited to share a recording of a cover of one of my favourite songs; Damien Rice’s “The Greatest Bastard.” It’s there for all fan club members to download – just click on the “Free” button and it’s yours! Kansas City and Houston are our first stops before heading “down under” to Australia! I’ve taken great pleasure in signing and sending out all the Fan Club packs and Larry Kelly calendars over the last few weeks – only I’m not sure the lady in the Post Office here in my village is as happy seeing me come through the door with so many packages for her to send all over the world!

This is likened to attacking a dummy made out of straw that can't fight back.

In other words, the go-to tool for someone, possibly driven by a dangerous ego, to create a fantasy outcome where they win.

Ryan began singing at a young age and has developed...

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@priorypro Thanks so much for making a DVD of Jesus Christ Superstar available to @Ryan Kelly Music Fans in the US!

The village that they call The Moy in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland, may be where Ryan Kelly resides, but he's just as comfortable calling the studio and stage home- recording and touring as one of the stars of the highly successful, platinum and multi-gold selling musical show, Celtic Thunder.

Come on out to @OMaras Irish Pub and enjoy the Fun, Food, and Amazing Music!

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