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That applies to Mia as much as it does Stone, who, with La La Land, turned her lovable, indomitable spirit into something timeless. Vulture Emma Stone has said that her role model as an actress is Diane Keaton , which makes total sense: In the span of a decade, she has gone from a first-time movie actress in Superbad to one of the most popular performers in the world, not to mention an Oscar winner.

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Unfortunately, the comic-book gods must be fed, and thus, the lousiness of the rest of the movie and the end of a franchise flirtation that, all told, Stone is probably pleased to be rid of.

This was right before the Mc Conaissance, back when he was still mailing in stuff like this.

Birdman was a major changeup for Stone: She plays Olive, a precocious, misfit year-old who lies about losing her virginity, which suddenly makes her unexpectedly popular.

Hollywood is full of starlets, but none have just the right combination of wide-eyed optimism, snarky wit, and gal-next-door sweetness that Stone brought to the performance.

That is not the first way the two understanding stars have otherwise together as they are reigniting your onscreen romance from Small, Well, Love.

The musician was married to Mandy, 32, for almost six years before they announced their 'amicable parting of ways.

Which moment in this nostalgic, bittersweet musical won her the Best Actress Oscar?

Was it when she and Gosling tap-dance in the Hollywood Hills, or when they swirl among the stars at the Griffith Observatory?

Daniels is morose and whiny and Reynolds is hammy and over-the-top, which allows Stone to steal the movie, giving it its only modicum of zest and soul.

One is a cruel but admirably strange joke on homeschooling starring Watts and Liev Schreiber, and the other is a gonzo scene in which Stone and Kieran Culkin exchange supercharged sexual banter in a grocery store over the intercom.

Stone gets a thankless, off-brand role as a moping member of a teenage rock band that drafts a former drummer from a Metallica-esque group Wilson to fill in so they can play their school prom.

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