Russian women dating older men

At present, many Russian women are looking for a man with age difference not exceeding 5 years.

Statistics in Russia 27% of marriages are contracted between people of the same age.

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The average wage of a Russian women is about $ 400-500.

Of these $ 500, $ 50 is for residential rental payment, $ 10-20 for public transport, $ 150 for food, $ 70-50 for clothes, $ 20 for entertainment, and $ 180 for other expenses.

Factories were shutting down, people were losing their jobs; they did not know how to feed their children. You must love traveling and spending money on your girlfriend. The maximum age difference must be about 10-15 years.

Many men became depressed, and they treated their depression with alcohol. In Russia, there is economic stability and a very low rate of unemployment; people make plans for the future, go on holiday, and have fun. The smaller the difference in age, the more women will want to meet you.

In Russia, there is a different culture of alcohol consumption.

If the French or Spaniards drink wine in small quantities every day, the Russian men almost do not drink during the week, drinking a lot on holidays instead.In every fifth marriage, the wife is older than husband.It is true that wages in Russia are lower than in Europe or the US.Yes, it is true that some of these men eventually became alcoholics. In this regard, the level of alcohol consumption has declined sharply. Alcohol consumption in Russia is decreasing every year. Russian and Ukrainian women are good looking both when they are 40 and 50.According to statistics, people drink less in large cities and more in towns. With such a woman, you will not doubt that she has fallen in love with you for your money, or for an opportunity to leave her country.I am conversing with a couple of ladies from Ukraine in the mentioned age category; would they lose interest once they find out I am not rich?

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