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As described later in this article, the origins of filk in science fiction conventions and its current organization emphasizes the social-network aspect of filking.

By the late 1970s, periodicals such as Kantele and Philk Fee-Nom-Ee-Non offered a ready outlet for filk writers.

At the 1974 World Science Fiction Convention author Bob Asprin announced publicly the creation of a group of volunteers he dubbed the Dorsai Irregulars, and a singing session ensued later that night.

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Certificates are issued every 3 months to users earning or more back.

The Microbiology Society (or its committee members/representatives) may, from time to time, email you with additional information considered to be relevant to your professional/scientific interests, but only to those who have given their agreement to receiving such communications.

Information that you supply to the Microbiology Society is held securely and strict security procedures are followed to prevent unauthorised access or use.

The Microbiology Society’s policy is not to disclose any personal information that we hold on you to any unrelated third party, except where you have given your express consent for us to do so or where required by law.

Arrangements are occasionally made with suppliers of goods and services (such as other scientific societies for their mailings to be sent to members).

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