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Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner recently retired as the President of Argentina, but this doesn’t stop her from being on our list of the 23 fiercest women in politics.

While she is no longer president, you can be sure that she is active.

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Ruby dhalla dating

Coming out of Russia, Yulia Tymoshenko is one of the most talked about women to ever be active in politics. Fujikawa is a city councilwoman in Hachinohe Japan, and is considered to be perhaps the fiercest female politician in Japan.

She is also one of the strongest, and she was set up by her political rivals in an embezzlement case, she was eventually exonerated. She also recently made some noise when it was discovered that she had an affair with a married man.

No Rebecca Rios allowed since she is the Hot Mama of the Decade and it would just be redundant and we need some of these other pathetic women who would never have a shot against Rebecca Rios to have a nice self-esteem boost.

The story line, the acting and the direction of the movie was awful.

I cant remember the character's name but the actor portraying him is Fayyaz Haider I believe.

All in all it's the type of movie you watch to make fun of, like "The Room" or "Desh Drohi".

Luciana Leon has been in the family business since she was a kid.

An advisor to the Serbian Foreign Minister, Vanja Hadzjovic found herself in hot water a few years ago when pictures of her, posing in lingerie, were found online.

For us though, what really matters is that she is one of the fiercest women to ever be involved in politics.

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