Roy qiu rainie yang dating

He was the class president and most popular boy in high school and Rainie was his girlfriend for pretty much their entire high school life.

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This month, he returns to A-list territory by taking the male lead in SETTV’s Office Girls. So if they come together, plus Roy, would it break ratings or hearts?

Mike, on the other hand, has been precariously teetering due to some low-rating dramas (Calling For Love) and forgettable movies (Love at Seventh Sight, You Deserve To Be Single).

So when Rainie and Xiao Gui graduated everyone thought he would hit it big first but it was Rainie with Bolin Chen. “Beloved” Official MV with Alien Huang and Genie Zhuo: [youtube id=”omx Sd9Ihsn E” w=”625″ h=”445″] It’s not your imagination, almost all the songs in both OSTs are from Rock Records artists – Alien, Genie, Freya, Adrian. I’m glad SETTV is collaborating with Rock for these drama OSTs especially when it comes to IAGW since we all remember Rock Records was the biggest record company in the 90’s and holds the copyrights for many of the classic songs from that era.

Well, they certainly can play brothers in an idol drama.

Now, Roy is slowly regaining his lost fame, making his presence felt first in last year’s Easy Fortune Happy Life. It would be very entertaining to have the three of them together in a drama.

As second male lead, he almost stole the thunder from Blue Lan. Mike and Rainie have pulled in the ratings during the run of their dramas, considering that idol dramas were in a slump previously (Joe Cheng’s Channel X and Jiro Wang’s Momo Love, among a few).

However, Roy recently announced that he was single and had not seen Tiffany in seven months.

In response, an outraged netizen claiming to be Tiffany’s assistant posted a private photograph of the two and scolded Roy for spreading lies, causing both Roy and his manager to publicly confirm that the relationship had come to an end.

The drama premieres at the end of March after The synopsis of Chicago Typewriter describes writers living in 1930’s Japanese colonial ruled South Korea who are reincarnated in the present day into a bestselling writer stuck in a rut, a ghostwriter with mysterious background, and an anti-fan of the bestselling writer.

I had promised to bring some popular Taiwan drama OST downloads and time and memory got away from me but late is better than never.

Earlier this month, Taiwanese actress/model Tia Li (李毓芬) was spotted visiting Roy on the set of his upcoming drama Wine Beauty , leading many to believe that the two are now in a relationship.

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