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The identifier (logo) of Official Statistics of Finland is placed on publication covers in the place where the publisher normally gives the series code.It is recommended that the image file described in these guidelines (page 7) is used for the identifier.If use of the image file does not suit the graphic design of publications, the manner in which the OSF identifier is to be shown in them can be separately agreed with the Advisory Board of Official Statistics of Finland.

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The statistics and publications in the Official Statistics of Finland series are grouped under 26 topics. Publishing on the web Each set of statistics belonging to Official Statistics of Finland must have a home page on the website of its producer.

Basic data from all Official Statistics are gathered into the OSF portal maintained by Statistics Finland.

The primary mode is publishing on the web linked to the OSF portal.

The ISSN codes for statistics published in the Official Statistics of Finland series are: The main series is not numbered.

The summary page contains a direct link to the home page.

The home page is in Finnish and Swedish and optionally also in English.

However, it is advisable to mention the quality description in the foreword or introduction to the publication.

A printed publication containing the basic data from a set of statistics must always include a summary of the key results of the statistics.

The statistics belonging to the European Statistical System always have an English-language home page.

Official Statistics of Finland are identified on their home page by the OSF stamp (see page 7) shown in connection with the name of the statistics.

The summary page of each set of statistics of Statistics Finland in the OSF portal is also its homepage.

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