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Over the years she’s worked for virtually every auteur in Hollywood and many beyond: Tim Burton (on Ed Wood), John Boorman (Beyond Rangoon), David O Russell (Flirting with Disaster), David Lynch (Lost Highway), Martin Scorsese (Bringing Out the Dead and Boardwalk Empire), Michel Gondry (Human Nature).

Although today she’s perhaps better known for her seven-year run as the psychic suburban mother in the television series Medium, the roles that made her name played heavily on her sexuality.

There was the wild call girl of True Romance (1993) who literally had to fight for her life, and the fragile bombshell of Lost Highway made to strip at gunpoint.

In 1995 she said that “of all the parts I get, 99 or 100 per cent of them are incredibly sexual people”.

At the beginning Mason’s parents (Arquette and Hawke) are estranged: she is struggling to make a life for her two children; he is a wannabe musician who doesn’t even have seat belts in his car when he picks them up for a visit.

Linklater and his stars brainstormed the rest as they went along, drawing inspiration from their own lives.

But they’re amazing kids, and it’s great that they got the good part of acting – learning your craft and being on set – but not the weird s— of, ‘Oh, you’re in a movie, you think you’re cool?

’” For Arquette, too, seeing herself age on screen was “gnarly and intense” – but she insists that, as she gets older, she feels “a little more free.“You know what,” responded the young Arquette, who until that moment had wanted to be a nun, “I think your Jesus and my Jesus are different.” So it shouldn’t really come as a surprise when, four minutes into our conversation, this other side of the mild-mannered Arquette appears. It’s a sunny morning in the middle of the Berlin Film Festival, the day after Boyhood has been screened to a full, rapt house, despite it being nearly three hours long.It comes as we’re talking about her film, Boyhood, in which she plays a single mother who at one point finds herself in an abusive relationship – and for which she has now won the Best Supporting Actress award at the Golden Globes. It’s one of the biggest draws of the festival, not only for its cast (Ethan Hawke also stars) and director (Before Sunrise’s Richard Linklater), but because it’s one of the most daring films in years. When she first sits down on a sofa opposite me in a bland Berlin hotel room, she is subdued and softly spoken, fidgeting with a long tasselled scarf.She exudes an untempered vulnerability, a rawness and melancholy that makes you worry if she’s OK.They are all justifiably passionate about the result, and watching it is an odd experience: you have to keep reminding yourself that they didn’t need to “age up” the cast for later scenes, or use prop houses to source ancient i Pods and Obama/Biden bumper stickers.

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