Restoring ipod without updating software

The additional options are only offered if the older software is already stored on the computer; if not, the sole choice is to get the latest/greatest.

Fortunately, you can fool i can get your hands on the older software.

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On Windows, your HOSTS file should look like this: On Mac, your HOSTS file should look like this: If you are downgrading firmware, make sure Tiny Umbrella TSS Server is running.

If you are upgrading to the latest version or you are i Phone 3G or i Pod Touch 2G (MB) user, skip this step.

After 10 seconds, release the Power button but keep holding the Home button until i Tunes detect your i Device in DFU mode.i Tunes error 3194 means you are trying to downgrade your firmware and i Tunes failed to get SHSH blobs from Apple server.

If you have already saved your SHSH blobs on Saurik server, you can use Tiny Umbrella to get your SHSH blobs from Cydia.

On a Mac (for instance), the i Pod software is stored at ~/Library/i Tunes/i Pod Software Updates/ (that''s where i Tunes puts it after dowloading).

Once you get a copy of the version you want, just stick it in there; then disconnect from internet; fire up i Tunes, connect i Pod, and click the Restore button; i Tunes has no choice but to offer the older" software.

Use the instructions below to get SHSH blobs by redirecting i Tunes to Cydia server:i Tunes error 3014 means your Windows or Mac HOSTS file is not correctly edited and have some error.

Just remove all instances of 74.2 gs.or gs.from HOSTS file and you are good to go.

(For my 5.5G 80GB, the current software file is "i Pod_25.1.2.1.ipsw".) Someone's p'bly got older versions cached online somewhere....

The key language on that page is: You will be prompted with one or more restore options that may prompt i Tunes to automatically download the latest i Pod Software.

If for some reason, you want to unjailbreak your i OS device, but would like to retain the ability to re-jailbreak, simply use Cydia Impactor.

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