Renegade secrets dating married women

Introduced in Season 15, a graduate student at the medical school in New York where Ducky is guest teaching, and stands out as a protege.This budding friendship lets her make her way to the NCIS headquarters, where she proves herself highly valuable.

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Retires near the end of season 15 to start a non-profit in England.

Ziva's boyfriend and near-fiancee in seasons 8 and 9, and also a CIA field agent. Ziva dumps him after he kills someone in the process of trying to finish up a hit he botched overseas, and Ray is arrested for the murder.

Later on, she takes up the arduous task of becoming Abby Scuito's successor. Tony is a former college athlete who decided to become a cop after an incident where he had to leave a girl behind in a burning building while saving her brother.

He was recruited to join NCIS by Gibbs from the Baltimore Police Department and has established himself as a highly effective, albeit extremely unorthodox, investigator.

While a "Probie", he used to be the butt of Tony Di Nozzo's every joke.

Eventually, he became an official agent, then later took over Tony's status and desk as Senior Special Agent when he left in Season 13.

She works for the Department of Defense and helps Team Gibbs during their interagency cases from time to time.

In Season 15, she gives birth to Johnny and Morgan Mc Gee The estranged daughter of Rene Benoit, and a doctor in a DC-area hospital.

Needless to say, she and Gibbs hit it off very well.

As of the end of season 9, in hiding after CEO-turned-terrorist Harper Dearing got her abusive ex sprung from prison. He works as an attorney for the National Security Agency.

She is the barometer by which the mood at NCIS can be judged.

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