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Sweet and kind natured, she has a tendency to get nervous, and chews through clothing, usually her own, to calm herself down. Bram Devein is a vampire and the leader of the students from Belfry Prep who join Monster High in Fright On! Along with his girlfriend Gory Fangtell, he sets out to establish the vampires as the superior students in school.Catty Noir is a werecat, and one of the most famous pop stars in the monster world.

Her parents moved to Gnarleston when she was young, where she picked up the local "twang" and a love for country music. Robecca Steam is a steam-powered robot created a hundred years ago by famous scientist Hexiciah Steam. While she is very friendly toward others, she is also a stickler for rules and conduct, which can sometimes rub her friends the wrong way. Romulus is a werewolf, and the leader of the students from Crescent Moon High who join Monster High in Fright On!

She was dismantled in an accident while competing in a game of Roller Maze, and was rebuilt in the modern day. A firm but fair leader, he helps his fellow Werewolves stand their ground against the Belfry Prep students. Rose and Blanche are twin vampires from Romania, who are new students staying at Monster High dormitories.

She has the power to grant 13 wishes to whoever finds her, and greatly enjoys helping her finders. He wears a helmet containing water on his head when he is on dry land.

Gil was first seen in the webisode "Blue Lagoona" as the object of Lagoona Blue's crush, and later started a relationship with her.

She loves music, and decides to start a band with some of the other students. Sirena Von Boo is a hybrid monster, born from a Ghost father and a Mermaid mother.

She tends to daydream a lot, and usually drifts off into her favorite pastimes of exploring the ocean and finding antiques. Sloman "Slo Mo" Mortavitch is a zombie, and a member of the school Casketball and Chess teams. She is incredibly sweet and friendly, and always eager to make others happy. Frankie Stein is the daughter of Frankenstein's Creature. Although she can only speak in moans and grunts, she is incredibly intelligent, and is always using her genius to help out the school and her friends. Amanita Nightshade is a plant monster born from the Corpse Flower, which only blooms every 1300 years. Unlike most vampires, she is vegan and prefers not to drink blood.As they are Romani vampires, they insist on sleeping in the same place no more than three nights, often sneaking into other students' rooms to sleep.They get offended if people call them identical, as they insist one twin has shinier hair than the other. Silvi Timberwolf is a young gray werewolf who has recently joined Monster High.Gooliope Jellington is a 15-foot tall blob creature who was born in a lab.

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