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There are romantic stories of luxurious passenger travel, economic stories of the growth of commerce made possible by overnight travel, and — most significantly — political stories of the rise of the civil rights movement.Pullman porters assigned to each car made beds, shined shoes, and served travelers’ needs, but were the respected leaders in their home communities fighting to end segregation.This funding has enabled an assessment of the condition of the car and the development of a restoration plan.


Same concept for love: Valentine’s Day decorations are pink and red, as both colors remind us of love. “Human beings make a decision on whether they like the other person in about seven seconds,” says Mark Bradford, founder and developer of, a dating website.

As for Halloween, orange and black are often associated with darkness and fright. A recent poll shows that the men find women in red the most appealing; yellow and brown, not so much. poll asked men and women currently in relationships whether they remembered what their honey was wearing when they first met. As a stylist, I can assure you that pulling off this look to boost your confidence during a nerve-racking first date is easier than you think.

Women, on the other hand, find men to be most attractive in gray, black, or blue while pink and yellow were turn offs. The key is to go for subtle rather than clubbing a potential partner over the head with it.

Opt for hints of red by pairing a black dress with red shoes, a red top with a black pencil skirt, or a black dress with red lips.

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