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He calculated that if you were to instantaneously create a new earth out of nowhere, and get it spinning around the sun, it would take approximately 30,000 years for the earth's atmosphere to reach equilibrium.

that the earth is billions of years old, Willard Libby, and most evolutionists since then, have ignored equilibrium question.

If we turned on a garden hose and used that constant rate of water to fill up a barrel, but I drilled holes in the side of the barrel, the hose would begin to fill up the barrel, but as the water got higher, more of it would begin to leak out.

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For example, a ruler requires a constant inch with which to measure inches.

In the united States, we have a National Institute of Standards with which any company that develops a measuring tool can contact to get the standard measurements of an inch when they develop a ruler.

It has recently been demonstrated that the earth's atmosphere has still not reached equilibrium.

less than 30,000 years because of the large increase.

To demonstrate this concept more simplistically, let's scientifically analyze a candle and ask a few questions.

Let's imagine we walk into a room, a candle is burning on a table, we measure the candle, and find the candle is six inches tall. Not without how tall it was and if it has always burned at the same rate.

Let's say you and I were building framework for a house, but our tape measures were using two different standards for an inch.

We wouldn't be able to complete the project because nothing would fit together properly.

0.00003825%), then that object has been dead for about 5700 years.

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