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This so-called permafrost, which covers most of the Arctic, accounts for a quarter of the land in the northern hemisphere. [image.png]( *Permafrost - frozen soil near the poles - contains microorganisms that can sequester carbon from the atmosphere.Credit: Nick Bonzey / Wikimedia Commons (CCBY-SA2.0)* But scientists are concerned that some permafrost will no longer be "permanent." In recent decades, human activities have emitted excessive amounts of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

Soil also contains residues of animal and plant decomposition, contains countless microorganisms, such as bacteria and fungi. Deep marsh soil to provide evidence of ancient human activities.

Soil that adheres to shoes or clothes can help scientists find criminals.

Once we wanted one for us, but the old woman refused to give them away. JPG) Sad we left that house, my dad consoled us saying that we would look for another pet dog, the days passed and to our surprise one day, dad arrived with one of those dogs that we had seen in that house, the lady had decided to give them away since his health did not allow him to give him the necessary care. JPG) Since then, Chocolate is the guardian of the house, runs around all around, watches that no stranger comes, barks if there is a different animal nearby and greets you with emotion even if you have days without seeing you. "" Soil is an important foundation for supporting the operation of ecosystems and hides a lot of mysteries. In fact, the soil contains vitality, there are microorganisms, insects and countless other creatures.

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Soil forms the surface layer and is a complex mixture of minerals, carbon-rich matter, water and air.

It plays an indispensable role in producing food, purifying the atmosphere and storing moisture.

"This post has received a 30.88% upvote from ZYv2276nr6z EDDTZY1i Lcga Bi Nqum An Ytmvx Ntr5zr W/minnow_thanks to: @dobartim. "It's the most important part of the planet because it covers everything," said Lorna Dawson.

She is a soil scientist at the James Hutton Institute in Aberdeen, Scotland.

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I have an approximate 14 years in my family, I remember that I was with my sister and my dad walking one Sunday when we passed by the house of an old lady to whom, dad would say hello, my sister and I were delighted with the three little puppies who had in the place. JPG]( U2DRp7n Yvab2H65im9g4Ey9o Ruewjo Qhz MEG8ce SFRBr/DSCI2129. JPG]( R3adn7EX2Mwmv Pbz Ra7F8Zdusk UVku23i Pyg Lo2mg Z1/DSCI2128.

And far in the Arctic, a bacteria in the frozen earth will probably protect our planet.

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