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that makes up the San Francisco Plaza metro station.

While the situation at the Plaza San Francisco may be disconcerting for many , hope remains that future issues such as this can be prevented.

Velasco Andrade and other heritage activists recognize that while extremely important, the Plaza San Francisco is not the only area in Quito at risk when development clashes with cultural conservation.

It has been argued that the new subway being added to counter the gridlocked streets of Ecuador’s capital is not taking its cultural importance into account – in fact, activists are making it clear they see a huge infraction taking place against Quito’s cultural heritage and they are worried for other archaeological sites in the area as well.

A movement began to protest the apparent destruction of cultural relics in the Plaza San Francisco on September 18, 2016. Velasco Andrade, a respected Ecuadorian architect who specializes in heritage sites.

In fact, the whole area now recognized as the historic center of Quito is thought to have been a Pre-Inca necropolis, ceremonial center, and settlement.

Cultural activists are redoubling their efforts to increase awareness and value for the ancient sites in and around Quito and people seem to finally be taking notice.

The colonial city of Quito was founded by the Spanish in 1534.

Yet the Spanish were building on top of an important Inca and Pre-Inca site.

Locals often say the first known settlers were the Kitu (Quitu) people, who are believed to have lived in the area since as far back as 2000 BC.

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