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Even in the second half, the zone seemed to perplex the Utes, even while there was a truck-sized hole in the middle near the free throw line.

Once he got in the game, freshman Kyle Kuzma flashed several times into the open hole in the zone, but the Utah guards seemed unwilling to make the entry pass.

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Brandon Taylor, then a 94.7 percent free throw shooter missed two and dropped his season average nine points to 85.7 percent from the line.

This calls to mind his three straight missed free throws that would have given Utah the lead against Arizona last year.

Any player who will garner as much attention and draw as many fouls as Poeltl has to hit free throws.

As it is, an opposing team's best defense against the almost unstoppable Austrian big is to foul him. Choose the Wright: In one play, Delon Wright demonstrated the difference between a solid college player and an NBA player.

(Let's be honest, in many instances, there's nothing holy about it.) So now that the dust has settled and the excitement of the win, the euphoria of Delon Wright's steal, behind the back juke, and dunk (a play that made last night's No.

3 entry on ESPN Sports Center's Top 10) has worn off, and Utah fans are now looking forward to a Top 15 showdown with No. The Runnin' Utes shot 30 free throws last night, 30...

No one seemed to want the ball, even in the final seconds of the shot clock, leading to passes that caused shot clock violations. Wright and players like Tucker and Taylor need to be guys who want the ball and are ready to take that shot. 13, which is obvious, and the only ranked team in the state.

But the victory in Provo, coupled with the Cougars win in Aggie town, pretty well seals the deal. Now, the real question is whether that, along with other factors (the national ranking, probable NCAA Tournament bid, etc) will influence in-state recruiting.

Utah's three-point shooting last night was actually worse than its free throw shooting (2-for-14 for 14.3 percent), but usually the Utes have some dangerous three-point shooters in Taylor, Kenneth Ogbe, and Dakarai Tucker.

But, along with Wright, none of the guards were ready to take a shot when receiving passes.

Taylor needs to be that reliable, clutch free throw shooter the Utes can turn to in the waning minutes.

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