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Since there are only three members of the family, there are only two ways the love can go: from the parents to the kid, and from the kids to the parents.

It's a two-way street that sometimes many who were born into larger families don't necessarily understand.

Our generation is becoming more and more keen on the idea of living life to the fullest and living a life full of love.

We've learned how to find love and life in various places, from our friends to hobbies like hiking and photography.

Being an only child influences the way we think about our friends.

Somehow, our friends become our family, and we feel an endless stream of love for them.

Regardless of personality, being an only child allows you to develop your own beliefs and know who you are a lot earlier than the children of larger families.

You become more independent and know what you want much earlier on than your friends.We yearn for a sense of comfort from those who matter to us the most.We’re used to being open with our parents and telling them things we don’t tell everyone because we’re the only children.So, it’s hard for our parents not to know what’s going on in our lives because we're the only one they have to worry about.When we're put in situations that make us uncomfortable, we don't like to engage because we're used to seeking some sort of comfort in the world, not uncertainty.However, if we immediately feel comfortable, things are easy breezy for us; it's as if we are at home. Home is where we are loved unconditionally and where we can go whenever we're having a bad day.

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