Problematic internet use loneliness and dating

Internet use is an integral part of our everyday activities; however, Internet use may become problematic and harmful in a minority of cases.

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Furthermore, PIU is frequently co-morbid with other mental health issues, such as alcohol and substance use, depression, social phobia and phobic anxiety, schizophrenia, obsessive-compulsive disorder, psychoticism, and even suicidal ideation (16).

There were several studies conducted in Slovenia on Internet addiction.

Furthermore, similar to the various conceptual models, different terms are used to address the problematic behaviour, such as Internet addiction (6, 8, 9), pathological Internet use (7), or problematic Internet use (3).

We prefer the latter term because it describes both the quintessence of the phenomenon (i.e., not only is the behaviour excessive, but problems related to Internet use are also expected to be present), while avoiding the notion of dependency, addiction, or disorder until a specific definition and diagnostic criteria is clarified and agreed upon.

In 2004, Šimek conducted a research on PIU among high school students in Maribor (N=622), using Young’s instrument.

In this study “only” 1.8% were classified as problematic users (18).

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Internet addiction; problematic Internet use; assessment; prevalence; epidemiology; behavioural addiction; zasvojenost z internetom; problematična uporaba interneta; razširjenost; epidemiologija; vedenjske zasvojenosti; nekemične zasvojenosti Compared to 2000, Internet use has more than doubled by 2011 (1).

Slovenian data show that in 2011 73% households had access to the Internet and 97% individuals between 16 and 74 years old used the Internet (2).

Other excessive online activities, not involving playing online games (e.g., excessive use of social media, such as Facebook; viewing pornography online), were not included in the appendix due to the lack of sufficient research in this area.

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