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A post-dated check would not be fraud by itself, unless you never intended to fund the account.That said, the date does not prevent the bank from accepting the check before the date.

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If sufficient funds are in the account, then it is paid no problem.

What if sufficient funds are not in the account I asked, would there not be NSF charges incurred?

Yesterday, I discovered that my (current) bank, the Bank of Montreal, had processed and withdrawn funds from my account despite the fact that the cheque I had written was post-dated for about a week later.

When I called the customer service line expecting some sort of redress for what I perceived to be BMO's negligence, I was told that they would do nothing, that they had done nothing wrong or negligent in any way, since the bank is under no obligation to prevent funds from being withdrawn early.

I wish it were possible to get protection by adding the words "not payable before date" to counter the prematurely expectorated post-dated cheque but I guess the Bills of Exchange Act that created this reality seems not to have contemplated the value of enabling people to pay with certainty only on a due date and not before.

You also have to the crossing by hand since it seems there aren't any companies in Canada offering cheques pre-printed with the crossing done.

If any defect in the title of the payee is found later, the banker cannot claim protection and should make good the loss to the ture owner.

Did you know that post-dated cheques and stopped cheques can cause you considerable grief?

A post-dated cheque is a cheque, on which a future date appears and not a current date.

For example, if today is 01/01/2012, then a cheque which bears a date (say) 15/01/2012 is a post-dated cheque, till that date (15/01/2012) comes.

In other words, a post-dated cheque should not be paid and should be returned to the holder with the reason, "Cheuque is post-dated" as the payment of a post-dated cheque is fraught with dangers.

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