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You'll find diverse groups of people there on any given day, both locals and foreigners.And several scenes will unfold if you spend a placid hour surveying the goings-on.

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In that vein, here are five courtyard cafes that are perfect to push pause and unwind for your next trip. An ochre facade with a white door opens invitingly into the cool recesses of a colonial French house.

The passageway is lined with rooms that have been converted into a boutique—not uncommon in the French Quarters of White Town where food and commerce go hand in hand.

Pondicherry (or Puducherry) is the perfect weekend getaway from Chennai, clocking in at a three-hour drive from the South Indian city.

And it's lined with pleasant prospects: a drive down the East Coast Road offers glimpses of the Bay of Bengal, strips of pine forests and wooded villages, and even a small stretch of salt pans bleached white in the summer.

The small Indo-European city in itself is a cross-cultural melange of the traditional and cosmopolitan, nature and luxury, revelry and spirituality.

It's a great place for writers (or indeed, anyone) to slow down and think, instead of getting caught up in the frenzy of consuming information at the rate of several sights per day.

Hidesign's Promenade is one of Pondicherry's better known sea-facing hotels.

Its restaurant is open 24 hours, but you can also order from the bar in the courtyard porch till 11pm.

A door is painted with a playing card-like mirror image, half man and half woman, in bright shades of red, blue and yellow.

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